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Anatomical Fiducials


To navigate through the 2D view:
    Move crosshairs in all views: hold Shift while moving the mouse
    Zoom in/out: hold the right mouse button while moving mouse up/down (can hold Control/Command and scroll)
    Pan (translate) scan: hold middle-mouse button while moving the mouse

Placing Fiducials

  The midline plane will need to be determined, which relies on four points: the anterior commissure (AC), the posterior commissure (PC), and two midline points (Mid 1-2). The midline points should be at least one interhemispheric point and one brainstem point (see section below for landmark positions). These 4 points are then used to define the midline plane, which is used to define the Talaraich coordinate system.

  To place a fiducial point, click on the place point button (MarkupsFiducialMouseModePlace) and drop the point at the indicated landmark. Once you have placed AC, PC and at least 2 midlines, click Confirm Fiducials. A new entry will be added to the fiducial table for the point MCP.

fiducial_table fiducial_table


If you modify any fiducial points you will need to press Confirm Fiducials again to re-calculate MCP

Anatomical Landmarks

AC point

!The anterior commissure.

The anterior commissure.

PC point

!The posterior commissure.

The posterior commissure.

Midline Points




Infracollicular Sulcus

!The infracollicular sulcus.

The infracollicular sulcus.

Superior interpeduncular fossa

!The superior interpeduncular fossa.

The superior interpeduncular fossa.